Private Trash Hauler: 4-plex

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Just purchased a 4-unit property (Two duplexes on one lot).  Finding out that 4 units and up now requires a private trash hauler and the old owner was grandfathered in to city service.  

I contacted Waste Management, who can offer me a small dumpster -- Problem is there isn't really a viable way to keep a dumpster on site so the truck can get to it.  I then talked to the WM residential division to get cart service and there is a city ordinance that the only hauler who can furnish garbage cans in city limits is the city of OKC.  

I have a call in to the city running it up the mgmt chain -- The property is under one address with the assessor, and metered the same way for water.  Since it's two duplexes with unique addresses, however, I'm hoping maybe they would split the trash into two separate bills.

Now I'm hearing the cans have been picked up, even though they placed a hold on them.  Not sure where to go from here as I'm banking on the city to pull some strings for me.  Has anyone else experienced similar?  Any advice is much appreciated.  

I've always invested 2 or 3 unit properties prior to this -- the things you learn!

For the record, I was able to get the city to agree to provide commercial cart service - 3 cans, no recycling, no big trash service.  But it wasn't easy.  

Guess I'll need to ask more questions about the trash situation next time I purchase anything with 4+ units.

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