New to OK city market

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Hi all,

I am a new investor and willing to start investing in the OK city market.

My main goal it to increase my cashflow and I am looking for good rental single family deals (up to 80K).

I would love to hear from local investors/realtors/lenders etc what is their opinion of the opportunities in this market and where are the neighborhoods/suburbs that will fit my criteria.

Currently, I am looking on Midwest city area, Del-City and Moore. 

Thanks a lot! 

Daniel :) 


OKC is a great market. Have you checked out any other cities in the Midwest? Memphis? St. Louis? Cleveland?

I invest in these markets and the cash flow is great in these cities. 

Antoine Martel

MWC ( between Reno and 29th) has various options for smaller homes BRRR deals can still be found. I live in MWC, so if you need help with checking on something, let me know.

I am also looking to start investing in that market. 

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