Banks/Credit Unions in OKC metro for cash out refi-ing rentals

3 Replies | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Who have you found that has the best rates and terms for cash-out refi-ing rentals? How easy are they to work with? 

Looking for: 

LTV - some LTV is different for brick vs siding

Do they keep them in house? if so, is it kept in house for under $xx,000?

Interest rate

Do they refi in LLC name? (Some require the owner name on it)

Is it an actual cash out refi or do they want you to roll over your equity into a heloc type equivalent?

I have a contact if you want, I did one cash out and then used partial as down for a conventional and rest was wired to me. Want to say off top of my head it was 80% 4.6% 30 yr (SFR), the conventional was 75% and like 4.75 (it was a duplex). Almost positive it had to be in my name, they asked if I had a LLC but I didn't so not 100% sure.

Message me if you want the contact info of the loan officer, my rates were for KC, but they do all 50 states.