Brokerage to hold my RE license in OKC

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I am getting my RE license in a few weeks and want to get an advice on how do I go by finding a broker to hold my license. I want to work PT and take advantage of any training that can be provided.  But don't want to pay the large monthly fees. 

Any advice or direction would be greatly appreciated.

@Eve Oliver If you are looking to only do part time, I would suggest that you find a transaction based brokerage vs the traditional brokerage where they take 20%-50% every transaction.  That is the direction I am taking because I am only going to sell part time as well.  I have no idea what I really want to do, I am leaning towards helping investors find rentals and flips. 

@Eve Oliver  I'm interested in what you find out, because I'll be in the same boat in a few months. I'm only looking to do a deal or two a year while I'm learning so a transaction based brokerage like @Dylan B. mentioned sounds better than one where you have to pay monthly fees.

Dylan, have you found a brokerage like this?

@Blake McGuire I have found a couple that are like this and I have found a "hybrid" one as well that is very appealing. 

@Eve Oliver the comments that everyone made make a lot of sense. I would also consider what options or opportunities you have. There are dependent (traditional), independent (100% models), or interdependent brokerage models (someone called this a hybrid model). I ran a hybrid model for nearly 5 years with more than 400 agents starting from opening the doors. We were in business with countless part time, dual career, investor based agents and with some of the fees these agents still chose us because of the education as well as the vertical and horizontal income opportunities built into the model (profit share, JV title company, JV insurance company, ability to build a team, expand the team, ability to take on leadership positions, ability to get paid to train and coach, etc.) The model that you choose depends on how big or wide you want to make your real estate career. Part time and dual career never scared me and many of our agents (full time 911 operator, full time medical device sales, full time mail man, etc.) made more than $100,000 a year selling real estate while others made the same flipping homes. There is more to the story than a fee or two and a career night and conversation with leaders and agents in your position is a great starting point to design your real estate career. I hope this perspective offers some additional insight, good luck, congratulations, and let me know if I can help in any way.

Thanks for the valid feedback guys.   

@Dylan B. Does your broker provide training and education?

One of them offers some. 

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