Next boom area for Oklahoma City and the metro

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I moved to Oklahoma City from Ohio in 2013 and have since watched changes across the city. What do you think is the next area to undergo a boom in either property values, development, or both?

Strawberry fields and wheeler district

I'd agree with you on both of those areas. I'm more excited about watching Strawberry Fields develop than I am the Wheeler District because it will be part of the overall redevelopment and expansion of the downtown area from the new convention center complex, park, and Strawberry Fields. Thinking longer term, I think it's almost inevitable that the gap between Yukon and El Reno fills in like the gap between Yukon and Oklahoma City did. 

How is the midwest city growth outlook ? Would you recommend investing in Youkon vs Midwest city if cash flow is bit lower in Youkon and price you pay is 20-30K more ? Both properties are new construction, ready to rent.

@Kaushal Patel personally I'd stick with Yukon as it's schools are better than Midwest City and has better growth prospects. However, Midwest City is more blue collar and has Tinker AFB as a major employer. There are upsides to both. 

@Chris Hayes MWC's Carl Albert schools are very good as well. MWC East of Douglas is more upscale than the central MWC, but central MWC is cash flow king. You can still find homes for 50-60k that will rent for $600-700 a mo.  MWC is growing also - new Warren movie theater is going up on SE 15th and Sooner with new dining options around it. The whole Sooner strip has blown up in the last couple of years (from 59th all the way to I-40). Even Del City is coming up in parts, though I am not that familiar with the area (they're also talking about putting a movie theater there soon). With the way military spending is looking right now, MWC should be around for a long time. The base has been expanding and building new hangers and whatnot (Air Depot, in between 59th and 74th), as well as Boeing's and Northrop's expansion in the last couple of years. I think a lot of people still think MWC is ghetto, but it's really far from it.

West downtown east of Penn.

West downtown east of Penn has already happened.  We're seeing movement on the East side of Penn now.

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