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@Chris Hayes building a team is a good plan but is usually tricky because they all have to learn to work together in an ideal world you could find a couple of general contractors like me that knows different trades and have them work in everything that have to be done, unfortunately those are very rare to find and the few that I know are staying busy all year getting good money. there is a math rule that I always explain to my clients and that you might or might not heard of it, I always tell them that as a client when you hire a contractor you gotta consider 3 things, Time, Money & Quality. you can only pick 2 out of those 3, If you want to save money and want great quality that means the job is gonna take longer, if you want to save money and have it done fast the quality will be compromised, and if you want good quality and do it fast that means you gotta hire more people means it won't be cheap. once you have this in mind you want to find that perfect balance that works for you. a lot of people also underestimate how important is to find a good project manager/general contractor, this is even harder to find because just because you know different trades doesn't mean that you are good a managing others and organizing the jobs, and I have also meet "Project Managers"  with business degrees with "experience in management" that have no clue what it takes to get a job done so they make the contractors work difficult and get in their ways and you as an investor end up wasting time and money. 

My advice and what I like to do is to assemble my own team and find individual sub contractors and make a team of 4  guys, 1 painter/sheetrock worker, 1 carpenter for trim, doors and cabinets, etc, 1 guy with experience in plumbing and 1 with experience in electric connections. have 1 to take the lead in their trade and have the other 3 help him out. Like I mention before good project managers/ general contractors that knows all the trades are rare to find, now one that can understand the investor mentality that can help you save money and time it's even harder to find and if you are lucky enough to find one it won't be cheap, this will be tricky but I will advice you learn how to become a project manager yourself learn the proper order of schedule the works learn to manage the budget, build a good team and once you made them work as a well oiled machine your job will get easier, if you keep them busy all year they will stick with you 

To start finding these guys just go to Lowe's or Home Depot around 7 am, you can find the hard working responsible ones around this time.

I could give you a hundred tips how to build your team of contractors and how to find them, how to maximize your production, save money, etc. but now this post is getting too long, lol, so just let me know if you have more questions and want more tips.