New investors here looking to connect

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My wife and I are looking to break into real estate investing. Just looking to connect with anyone that can help us learn the business/help us on our journey. Looking at getting started with acquiring and flipping.

@Mitch Kuehn Hey Mitch, welcome to the site and welcome to the real estate investing world! I'd highly recommend checking out the local real estate networking events on and coming to as many of those as you guys are able.

One of the bigger ones, Oklahoma City Real Estate Investors Association, meets tonight (Thursday) at 7p.

The investor community here is relatively small and most folks are willing to help you connect the dots.

Feel free to reach out if you ever need help with anything specific!

@Lyall Storandt Thanks for posting. Which REIA met on the 12th? I am newer to BiggerPockets and getting involved in the Oklahoma City market.

@Mitch Kuehn Welcome! Looking forward to meeting you. We attended Millionaire Possibilities on the 1st Thursday of July. It was a good meeting. H


@Deborah Burian Thanks. We will attend @Paul Choates meeting this month. My only constraint is I work out of towns on Tuesdays and often struggle to get back to OKC by 7pm. I will arrange my schedule this month. Looking forward to meeting everyone.

Always open to meet up with local investors. If you want to grab lunch or coffee sometime let me know! I like the happy hour investor meeting (2nd tuesday of every month) at 6Pm at The Barrel in OKC.