What makes an Agent "Investor Friendly"

2 Replies | Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

I see the question a lot about investors wanting to know if its worth it to get a Real Estate license as an Investor. When I decided I wanted to start actively looking for Real Estate investments, I had the same questions and decided what the hell, I'll go ahead and get my license. Turns out I kind of like working with buyers in between looking for opportunities for myself. My previous investment experience is primarily minerals, so being new to Real Estate I thought it couldn't hurt from a networking perspective.

So now my question to you more experienced Real Estate investors. What makes a good "Investor Friendly" agent. I see that term thrown around a lot and am curious what it means to you. I know for me, I primarily used an agent to show properties. Do you find any value in an agent or do you prefer to just handle everything yourself?


An investor friendly agent knows what kinds of properties are attractive to investors.  Specifically:

I'm assuming SFR's, they know which areas of town are good rental areas. What type of house works well for a rental (location, amenities, floor plan, size, schools, etc).

They know which ones are more likely to perform financially, they understand concepts like ROI, Cash on cash return, etc. What is the right price to buy, such that after any repairs it will rent for an amount that will allow it to produce positive cash flow. They should be able to narrow down the lit of available houses to ones that are good rental candidates, based on all the above factors.

They should know who the good property managers are, they should have some relationship with handymen, contractors, etc. 

Most agents work with retail buyers who will live in the house, they have different requirements than investors.