BP meet up in Tulsa

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Hello BiggerPockets,

Is there a BP meet-up in Tulsa?

Not that I know of, but I'd be up for one.

check out our local REIA group meetings. There's one this Thursday

Thanks Cameron, I believe I've attended one of those meeting before. Kyle, I'm up for it as well.(although I have no investment experience, I have only purchased homes to live in)

I'd be up for meeting too

I'm near Bartlesville but I'm up for a BP meet upin Tulsa!!

Hey all, 

I just moved here from Colorado a few weeks ago and would love to have a meetup up as well. I could do an a few hours on the weekend. If anyone is interested please message me. Just fyi, I am a newbie still, but have had a little experience with a property I bought and sold in Denver. 

@Joel Kadlec there area couple of meetups in the Denver area. Set up your keyword alerts and you will get notification. Right now there is one scheduled at the mothership (BP headquarters) on Oct 5 at 6 pm. There is one up North as well as one focusing on Landlording that I host in Central Denver. Just meet yesterday. Visit them all and see what you think.

Bill, thank you. I actually just moved from CO to OK, but I will keep that in mind when I am home for visits

I would be up for a meet up too!  I live in the Tulsa area.

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