Moving to Tulsa, looking for real estate agent recommendation

4 Replies | Tulsa, Oklahoma

My family and I are moving to Tulsa and I'm looking for a recommendation for a good real estate agent.  Hopefully I can find an agent that can help with our primary residence now and then a rental property down the road.  Any connections with general contractors and property managers would be beneficial.  I appreciate the help.

I'm NOT an Agent/Broker, but I am a local investor who lives in Broken Arrow, which is suburb of Tulsa.  As for recommended real estate agents, there's several BP members who are experienced realtors/brokers in Tulsa areas. @Deren Huang is the first one who comes to mind, and he's highly involved in Tulsa REI, being an investor himself, if he cannot help you, I'm sure he can definitely recommend someone and will also have GC and PM contacts for you.

Good luck and welcome to Tulsa!!

I am an agent in tulsa and all I work with is investors. Of course I am an investor myself! I specialize in off market and multifamily. I am the listing agent for local wholesalers so often move deals to investor friends befor they hit the market at #s that actually make sense. Also would love to help with your primary residence as well!