Looking for good Tulsa area general contractor for renovations

4 Replies | Tulsa, Oklahoma

I guess the good ones keep getting busy and don't have time!  Does anyone have a good recommendation of someone who they have experience with and can work with me?  I have a BA townhouse that I've been sitting on for a month just waiting for estimates!  I do a couple of projects a year lately and growing.  Rehab and holds.  Thanks!

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Hey gang, I'm a little late to this party, but I wanted to throw a name your way.  Roderick Hands is a guy I've worked with a lot in OKC and T-town and he runs a business that could be a resource for you there.  He's got a good design mind and a lot of subcontractors and vendors that are held to a high standard.  He could be a good ally for you, even if you're not looking for the design work.  He and I do similar things in our businesses and I find that the more work I can give my vendors the better it is for everyone, so I'm always happy to "send a sub". . . . he'll probably have the same thoughts :)