Property Manager in NE Portland?

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Hello!  I recently purchased a single family home in NE Portland that I am looking to turn into a rental.  I have been looking for a propery management company but the few I have spoken with say that I am outside their coverage area.   (The house is in Roseway, near 72nd and Sandy).  Does anyone have a property management company they would recommend for this area? 



@JR Hinds

Send me your PM company info too.  I'm looking for a good one.  I pay 5% right now for my 7 units.  The more units you have the greater the discount.  The most important part for me is access to affordable contractors and the ability to communicate via email.  I also thirst for a property manager with some vision as to how to maximize the performance of the property by providing a better product to the tenants without breaking the bank.