Correct wholesale contract to review with Attorney in Oregon?

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I am looking for a Purchase and Sales Agreement/Assignment Contract to bring to an appointment I have with my Attorney so that I can go over details with him. I found this contract online, is this the proper contract specific to Oregon I would want to review with him if I am looking to wholesale properties?

Hey @Joel Bowen there are no contracts specific to Oregon. Realtors, typically use OREF (Oregon Real Estate Forms) paperwork. Many will tell you this is "the proper contract specific to Oregon", but they're wrong. 

Really, all you need is an agreement that is legally binding and that you're comfortable explaining to your sellers. I've seen this range from 1 page to 12 pages, just depends. The level of detail in the paperwork, should really come down to your comfort and the sophistication of the deal. 

The assignment agreement, is a whole other agreement, that comes in to play when assigning the purchase agreement you already have in place. 

Stevens and Ness is a known source for non realtor forms locally. 

Thanks Mike, that clears things up a lot. I have really been wanting to attend one of the rarebird meetups but Thursdays are not possible for me. My work schedule conflicts with it. Do you guys ever meet up on any other days of the week?

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Hi Joel, unfortunately, Thursday is the day for now. I recommend signing up for our mailing list. We have one weekend seminar scheduled for September. We have been having a networking mixer every other month and will be hosting a bbq mixer this summer as well. You can always review our meetings on our website, which has the presentation power point as well as the audio from the meeting.