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Hello All!

Fairly new investor looking to make buy and hold purchases of multi-family homes and short sale single family homes in the Portland metro area. 

Looking to establish long term working relationship with a local agent who is known for working with investors like me. Analyzing, negotiating for, acquiring, and managing positive cash flow properties is what I am the market for. Any and all suggestions (to include other team members such as lawyers, accountants, mortgage brokers, and property managers) would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!  

@Josiah Underwood , I am a agent in PDX and have been picking up distressed properties for the past nine years and rehabbing them to hold/rent with positive cash flow. It is getting harder and harder to find cash-flowing deals but you may be able to find some with short sales. I find rehab properties are a better bet though. If you have any interest in that let me know!

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