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Hi everyone,

Can anyone recommend a proven and reputable real estate agent in Portland who works regularly with investors and understands investor needs? Someone who ideally owns some investment properties themselves and understands cash flow and what matters to investors. 

I am looking at buying 1-4 unit, or 5+ unit residential building (non-owner occupied) as an investment property.

Your help is much appreciated.

With gratitude,


@Adam K.

Hi Adam,

I don't see any responses here yet, but I, too, would be interested in speaking with someone as you described. If/when you do receive names meeting your criteria, would you be so kind as to pass them along?

Thank you in advance!  

Edit: @Taj Tinsley Looks like I've been beaten to the punch! Taj, do you mind sharing that name as well? Cheers!

Hi Adam, im working with Bill Jackson from Meadows right now on a 4-plex and he is awesome!  Knows his stuff, he fights for me and is a real pro. He is my guy moving forward. I don't want to list his cell number on here but he is easy to find on Google. 

Hey I just moved here from LA and was fortunate to be recommended by a lender to work with Ben Ficker from equity pacific real estate. He helped me set up a direct mail campaign while he put in offers on market for me. He is incredible. Knows the numbers better than me. Owns his own rentals. And most of the time was talking me out of bad deals that I wanted to go for. My first deal I ended up getting an off market duplex from my mailers for $320,000 that appraised for $370,000 and Ben supported me through the whole process because he understands investors are a long term client and not just in it for a quick commission. DM me if you want his contact.

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