Bought my First Flipper

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Been here on BP on and off for six months. I sure talked a lot during that period, but I finally put my money where my mouth was and pulled the trigger and bought a house to fix and flip. Its a 950 sq ft bungalow in the Richmond neighborhood of Portland. I paid cash for it, in the low 300's. I am looking forward to gaining as much experience as possible and a few bucks. ;)

I really love talking shop with other Portlanders. So hit me up. 


Congratulations, Neil!  The first one is always the most fun - and also provides the most opportunity to learn.

I'm happy to talk shop anytime.  Feel free to shoot me a note, and wishing you all the best on your first flip!



Hi @Neil Buchan

Congrats from the East Coast on picking up your first flip! My first flip will always be one of my favorites, I can tell you you'll learn a lot and hopefully enjoy the experience too. It's so exciting to go from talking to actually getting in there and creating an awesome home for someone. Enjoy! :)

Hello Neil, hopefully your flip is well on its' way or done by now but I just came across this post. I live in the Richmond neighborhood and would definitely be interested in talking shop. 

Hey @Neil Buchan , Congrats on the first flip! I just started listening the the podcast and it has gotten me fired up for flips! How did you get started in finding the deal? I heard going to county steps is very competitive and with this market, quite difficult to get that home run number for the flip. 

Any advise is greatly appreciated and would love to extend this shop talk. Wishing you the best of luck!

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