Moving assistance ordinance V2.0?

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The moving assistance ordinance 2.0 will:

• allow tenant to request for the relocation fee within 45 days
• landlord no more than 31 days to make payment to the tenant
• tenant has 6 months to decide to stay or move out
• if the tenant received the payment but decided to stay, they must repay the relocation fund back to the owner

Things I don't quite understand are:

1_Does it mean that  the tenant can stay for an additional 3 month for making up their mind after receiving 90 days notice? Say the landlord sends a 90 days no cause eviction notice on Jan 1st and have already paid the relocation fee, the tenant can keep staying til June 30th. Should the 90 days notice change to 120 days instead?

2_Say 6 months after the tenant change his/her mind and decide to stay. However,  the tenant unable to fully refund the relocation fee to the landlord. Assuming that the tenant keep paying rent on time, can the landlord evict the tenant for owing relocation fee? Imagine if all of the tenants follow the same way making money through this channel.

I would assume the 6 months to decide would be in the case of an "effective eviction," raising rents 10%+ or the like. Meaning, you raise rents and 6 months later they can decide to move because of it.

I would also assume that when a tenat decides to move the tenant's notice to vacate would make it impossible for them to change their mind and stay. There will always be the ones that take the money and don't move, forcing a with cause. Good luck to any landlord trying to get that money back...

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