Looking for a REI friendly brokerage to add my license

2 Replies | Portland, Oregon

I am looking for a brokerage to attach my license to. My wife and I are getting into REI (she already has a property management company/license) so I am getting my license to primarily facilitate our own deals and work from home. Looking for a reputable brokerage in the Portland/Scappoose/St Helens area. Please comment if you know of any or have any tips or advice for me. Thanks!

Hello Nick!  I just realized no one had answered you! My husband and I hang our licenses with Premiere Property Group.  We've been happy there.  They offer teams a lower desk fee  and they seem to be investor friendly.  I am pretty sure they have a property management division also.  I work from home and my husband rents an office.  If you have any questions feel free to message me.  Best wishes for lots of success!  There are lots of good companies out there so I'm sure you'll land some place great.