Recommendation on A-level property managers in Portland

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Hi guys! I'm having a lot of trouble with my current property management company and could use an A-level property manager recommendation from you all if you would.  Its for an investment duplex that they have not found tenants for nor helped us raise the rent on to a reasonable amount.  Thank you!


Jackie, sorry you’re having trouble and not getting any support from your current PM.  

I’ve got a guy for you. 

Dan Hayes

Real Property Management Solutions. 

I sold him my Property Management business a couple years ago and his team has been managing my rentals since then. I’ve been really happy with the work they do and their communication. I can’t speak to price, but like so much in life, I’ve found that you get what you pay for. 

If you’re interested, shoot me a message and I’ll get you his contact info. 

If I can be of any help to you, let me know! 


Finding a A-Level PM is like finding yourself a perfect mate.  There is no such thing called perfection after going through 4 management companies in the past 8 yrs. Each of them has their strengths and weaknesses. So far, I have never found a PM that I can 100% hand off my property completely. There is always something happens like incorrect billing, forget raising rent, over charging on repair and maintenance, and to deal with a completely clueless staffs. The list goes on.

My rule of thumb is to pick the PM that matches your personality. Always remember no one would care about your money more than yourself. 

Kelvin, this is true...but there should be some minimum requirements for a management company.   Really we only want basic things like doing the work in finding a new tenant and letting us know if the place needs some work through the tenants.   If you know someone that might be able to help with this let us know!

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