Experienced Portland Investor Looking to Grow Network

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@Uwe G.  

Hey Uwe.  I’d love to come visit you in the ‘Couv!   I should know more about what’s going on across the river than I do.  Let’s try to meet up one of these days!


Good Afternoon Chris!

I live In Portland, and buy and hold Real Estate is the plan for building my future. (Specifically BRRRR) I've been listening to the BiggerPockets podcast for quite a while now, and had never actually created a BiggerPockets account. (This is my first comment ever on BP!) I am currently house hacking my primary residence, and planning on investing as soon as I am financially comfortable enough to do so. I currently do not have enough capital to do any deals, so I am starting to go to REI meetings regularly to really start networking, creating relationships and possibly finding some partners to work with now or in the future. I may not be at the point where I'm ready to start putting money into the game, but I would love to take you out to lunch to pick your brain sometime. I would be excited to get some real-world experience in the Portland Market.

Thanks for the post!


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