Gentrified areas in Portland

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Hey Roong, 

I think if you're looking to get ahead of the gentrification curve, you might be a little late to the party! :) 

Lents is really the big winner in my book. I'm surprised to hear myself say that because I didn't think it was going to happen, but mixed use residential is going up left and right down there. Foster/Powell continues to grow and have promise. I'm a little concerned about the future when Foster is reduced, but like others have pointed out in other forums, that really helped spur growth in other trendy areas. 

I think you could also look out towards Roseway and The Grotto-both are in the path of progress and starting to show signs. That's where starter buyers in that entry-level category are buying right now and they're going to be fixing their homes. Then they'll want coffee. Then beer. 

Also, I'm a big fan of Oregon City. It'd be a trek for you all the way out from Hillsboro, but I think OC is really taking off. 

Hope that helps! 

Generally speaking much of the areas east of 205 are going to be seeing gentrification purely from the result of people looking for cheaper housing. Many people are also going north to the Washington side as well.

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