Rent control is becoming reality in Oregon with Fagan on board

2 Replies | Portland, Oregon

How should we as an investor/landlord react to rent control and without no-cause eviction with Fagan on board? Selling ASAP or long term hold to weather the storm?

She needs to get elected in November first, which is not a forgone conclusion if someone with enough cash behind them runs against them. 2010 was the last time Monroe had a Republican competitor, and he only won 52% of the vote. District 24 includes a good portion of Happy Valley, so it's not all liberal SE Portland. I believe this could actually be an opportunity for the Democrats to lose a seat.

I’m going to weather the storm. If it gets too bad, I’ll consider other options, including converting to condos and selling them for a profit. We’ve got options and at the end of it all, this will result in more demand and less housing. Nothing will change that.