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Hi all, this is Mike.  I have a couple rental properties in Portland and am looking to connect with other investors, builders, developers, agents, property managers and others working in the Portland area.   My current rentals are SFHs, but I'm starting to look at multi-family properties and other investment opportunities in the area.  Feel free to reach out and connect.  Happy holidays!


Hey Mike,

Welcome to the portland forums...you’ll find a lot of great resources and connections. I know there are great folks in all those categories you’re looking for here on the board. 

Portland has fairly regular meetups of some kind or another so if you’re up this way checking in on your properties, you’ll likely be able to find something (or at least a couple members to have coffee with). 

On the agent side, I'm happy to answer questions and connect you with good resources.

Happy (almost) thanksgiving! 

I've been flipping SFH's exclusively for a few years but like you, I really want to focus on rentals and multi-family properties. I've been working with 2 commercial brokers that that both have diverse skills. We can share connections & resources if you'd like.

Hi @Trevon Hutchinson , @Kundan Chand , @Anthony Andrew Young , @Jay Hinrichs , @Neal Collins , @Mathew Wray

Thanks very much for all the support and info!  I really appreciate that!  

Jay- thanks very much for the info about the Rarebird.   I'll add that to my list of things to check out.

Neal - currently, I have a couple SFH rentals in Portland that are rented out. Overall, they're pretty stable and doing well. Planning on holding on to those for awhile. My wife and I have family in Portland and may move up to the area to be closer to them in the next few years. Definitely still looking to continue investing in the area. We've been looking in some midwest markets as well to try and add a couple investments that cash flow a bit more than what I've seen recently in Portland. We were pretty close to going in on a duplex in portland a couple weeks ago, but couldnt get the numbers to work out right.

Anthony - would love to talk with you more about your interest in the multi-family space. I'm really interested in looking at a project like that myself.

Matthew, Trevor, Kundan - Thanks for the warm welcome! I'd love to connect with you guys and share resources. I have a good agent I've been working with and also had some good luck with a local lender. Happy to share.

Hope everyone is having a very happy thanksgiving!


Hi Michael, if you happen to be in town, RareBird is having a happy hour for BP members this Thursday at 4:30PM. That would be a great place to network. If not - feel free to connect and discuss your goals. 

@Michael K. I invest in multi family in the Kansas City, Mo market but also do the occasional flip in Portland. I spent a lot of time looking at Midwest markets and so far have been really happy with everything in KC. If you have any questions hit me up!

@Michael K.

Also new to the forums as well as the Portland area in general. My fiance' and I just closed on our first rental property last week and are also looking to connect and plug ourselves into the local investor network.

We recently signed up for Rarebird membership after being very happy with the first meeting. Let me know if you'd ever like to connect and maybe we'll see you out at one of them. 

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