Rehab Costs in Portland

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Hi Guys and Gals,

I'm a wholesaler and new to Portland. I was wondering if there is a rule of thumb formula I can use to quickly estimate repair costs in this area, for example it costs a house flipper $X / sq ft to rehab a house, that would cover kitchens ,bathrooms, floors, paint, etc, of course barring any major repairs such as roof, foundation, etc. 

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Unfortunately I don’t think you can use a rule of thumb here. 

You’ll need to break the project down into parts which then you can use a rule of thumb to estimate. 

For a bathroom remodel, here’s how I would approach it.  You have to know if you are doing a pedestal sink or bath cabinet.  Assuming a 5’ Bath cabinet here’s my rules of thumb.

1.  Floors: tile $20/sqft or LVT $5/sqft

2.  Counter - quartz $40/sqft 2cm or 3cm for $120sqft or laminate for $15/sqft 

3. Backsplash: Tile $30/sqft or 2cm stone $15 lineal foot. 

4.  Shower Surround: Tile $35/sqft or insert +/- $500.

5.  Plumbing: labor only $250

6.  Look on Home Depot for Bath Accessories, Faucets, Bath Trim, and Toilet.

7.  Paint, you should be able to estimate paint cost  

These estimated will work well for kitchens too.  Getting a bid for cabinets is not that tough, so once you get that, you can pretty much figure anything else out.

Carpet is about $25/yard (divide by 9 to get sqft).

New interior doors are about $200/ea installed

Exterior doors range from $300 to $19999 installed.

Let me know if you have any specific questions.  I’d love to help.