RE Investing in Oregon State

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Hello Friends, 

I am considering to purchase RE in Oregon state for rental income purpose. Could you please advise which areas/cities in OR  are preferable for this type of investing. Would it be better to invest in multi unit in Portland, or single family house or duplex in suburbs near Portland? Greatly appreciate your feedback!

Morning Stella!

It really depends on your long term goals and your risk tolerance. Portland and the surrounding suburbs are not generally (and I do mean generally-there are always exceptions) great cash-flowing markets. Many people put money here for longer-term appreciation and are willing to buy cash-flow with larger down payments up front. Others aren’t and are willing to go into less desirable areas of town, likely trading future appreciation, in return for a little better cash-flow. 

It helps knowing what you’re getting into. If you’re looking for 1% rules with low-money down in A+ locations for below market prices, then you’re not setting yourself up for success! But if you can balance between price, location, tenant, condition, and cash-flow/down payment then you can certainly further your goals here!


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