New construction in Gresham Oregon

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I am interested to hear form GCs or investors who have worked with the City of Gresham on new construction. I was recently told the city is difficult to work with but don't have any other input to substantiate the claim from a GC I spoke with recently whose experience is in Portland.

Please provide any input you may have.

Thank you-


Hey Jarid, I'm new to Bigger Pockets.  I had several road improvement projects working for the City of Gresham -- I doubt this is what you're looking for.  I would say the City of Gresham is easier to work with than many of the other municipalities in the area.  The City of Portland, Washington County and some of the other larger municipalities are much worse.  There is a lot of new buildings and improvements happening in Gresham right now, they are looking to expand their tax base.