How much should we save up?

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Hi, we are a young married couple and the soul reason I joined BiggerPockets is to learn enough to make the right decisions when we buy our own house. We currently live on a small US island in Asia called Guam. Luckily, loan free with a small amount of money that we saved up so far and planning to move to the mainland a few years later.

My question is: How much is a relatively cheap duplex, condo or house costs in Portland?

How much money should we save up before the big move. We could be close to a 70-80k saves up in the next 5 years if everything goes well. That is our mental target so far. (I know its not specified in any ways but we are not really sure what can we afford yet.)

Thank you!

@Daniel Jeszenszky

There are lots of different types of financing products out there, even 0% down. You’re decision will likely come down to what price of property you are looking at and what monthly payment you’d like to have. Having cash to spare is never a bad thing.

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