Can I Short-term Rental my Portland House?

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Hi all. I have a single-family house (3 bed, 2.5 bath) in Portland on the Southwest side (near Beaverton). I'd like to keep the house, though my wife and I moved away years ago. We've been going through a Property Management company to rent it, however, I'm interested in short term rentals (for vacations) so that I can have the house a few months out of the year to use as a second home.

I've read the Portland restricts Short Term rentals, however; they're cracking down on Airbnb's and you must get a license.

My question is: do I qualify at all? I'm a non-Oregon resident who will reside in the home 1-2 months out of the year. Are there management companies that can act as a go-between/subletter?

@Jonathan Kang  Airbnb requires that the owner occupy the residence for 9 months of the year if you live in the city of Portland. However, there are some unincorporated areas that may have different requirements. That may be something to check into depending on the location of your rental. Here is a link to Airbnb's page describing requirements and regulations for the city of Portland.

Let me know if you need additional information and I would be happy to help. I live in Portland and provide consulting and management services for short-term rentals. 

Yes you are allowed to Airbnb in Portland with a few restrictions. I actually just stayed at an Airbnb in Portland a few months ago when I went back home. I know there are quite a few rules such as getting the renters first and last name. Also getting their license plate information. I was taken back by it but after the host explained it I understood. I also just had an Airbnb host from PDX on my podcast named Veronica Hanson. Reach out to her. She's got a lot of information on short term rentals in the area.

@Amanda S. Awesome. Just did a search and my house is unincorporated and part of Washington County. Some Googling didn't result in any regulations towards Short Term Rentals. I've also cleared this with the HOA. So I guess it's smooth sailing? Or should I consult someone from Washington County at least?

You might consider doing 30days To 9 month  furnished rentals instead of airbnb.... the folks I know that do this do very well.... also far less “rules” ...

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