Wholesaling In Vancouver/Portland Area

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Hello BP!

My name is Robbie, I'm a new real estate investor looking to get started in wholesaling in the Vancouver/Portland area. Also, I've recently passed my real estate exam and am a licensed realtor in the state of Oregon. Currently, I'm not with any brokerage so my license is innactive.

My goal is to start wholesaling and once I build enough capitol, start aquiring rental properites. I would like to get in touch with people in the area with similar goals and experience. Thank you, I look forward to becoming apart of the BP community. 

Hey Robbie,


Do you plan on working as a real estate agent eventually?

Vancouver definitely seems like a great place to invest right now. With increased remote working I feel like more people will start looking at Vancouver as an option because they won't have to deal with that rush hour traffic every day, but can buy more for less. Plus, so many of my co-workers are working remotely in Washington for our Portland company and they won't have to pay income tax for any of that time! 

@Robbie Kelly be sure to stay active on bigger pockets to pick up new ideas and to network organically. I would be happy to chat with your about wholesaling and maybe shed some light on what it takes to be successful. I am a wholesaler in Portland and always looking to expand my network of fellow investors, cash buyers and other professionals in the industry.

@Jonathan Stone when social distancing begins to lift, be sure to look for your local REIA groups. Stands for Real Estate investors Associations

Signing up on MeetUp.com is going to be a great resource also to get into groups that are focused on what you're interested in. Some of those meetups are still active with video conferencing, but many of them have shut down.

Bigger Pockets is obviously a tremendous resources and I encourage everyone to get in here several times a week and ask questions, add to a discussion and let people start seeing your name more often.

Real estate is a people business and when people start seeing your name, you become familiar and familiarity breeds success.