Airbnb cleaning service

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Hi there, I know there's a lot of talk about Portland REI and Airbnb. I've been searching for Airbnb cleaning services, and it seems like it's hard to find reliable options.

I'm planning to launch my own cleaning service for local Airbnb rentals. I'll offer cleaning for fast turnovers between bookings, and maybe add scheduled cleanings for longer renters who want weekly/biweekly service. 

Current PDX Airbnb owners that use a cleaning service, I'd love to know...

- How did you find your current cleaners?
- What has your experience been?
- How works well? 
- What could better?

Hey @Elisa Ahn , I had an Airbnb for a couple years downtown with a cleaning service. She cleaned another unit in the building and I saw her car there a lot. Honestly she worked out really well. I was her only Airbnb but she was great about being there when needed, the trick was getting her the schedule as soon as I could. 

She would do quick cleans when there was a tight turn over and deep cleans where there was a day between check-ins. Having an extra set of sheets and towels made a big difference. We had our guests start the laundry/dishwasher so the cleaners would just need to throw the laundry in the dryer. 

It would have been nice if she would have shopped for soap, TP, etc. but I preferred to be a little more hands on. I wrote a welcome note to each guest, stocked the fridge with cans of bubbly water, bottle of wine and snack bars. If you can provide that level of service, it would be valuable to to some investors. Let me know if you have any other specific questions.

Hi @Brad Hammond , thanks for the detailed reply! That's all great info to know. A few other questions if you don't mind:

- How did you find her? Was it just through the unit being in the same building? I'm wondering the best way to reach other Airbnb investors (and even Airbnb arbitragers who don't want to handle each cleaning).

- Did she charge by the unit, or her time? Did the deep cleans cost more than quick turnovers? 

- Did you ever have issues with damage to the unit? Not from her, but from renters causing damage — was she ever the first to encounter problems?

Thanks so much! I'm hoping to scale this throughout PDX, and knowing the best way to serve Airbnb investors is very helpful.

Sure, so I saw the cleaning service van outside my building every few weeks and figured they must do a good job if they come consistently.  I just called the number on the back of her van and interviewed her.  

She charged $35/hr and she charged me $60-$100 per session.  I'm not sure the best way to contact Airbnb owners.  I guess you could do internet SEO or perhaps contact owners via the app.  

I never had any issue with damage to my unit but if there was an issue chances are she would be the first to encounter it.  

Awesome, thanks for the details! Great to know, especially about offering Airbnb-specific services like checking toiletries, setting up "welcome books" for guests, restocking fridge, etc.