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I am starting up my direct market campaign targeting the greater Salem area. 

I have started to build my list of investors, contractors, and all around people who can support my efforts. 

If you are in the Salem area and would like to help someone get started let me know. I'm happy to turn over one of my leads to have someone walk me through a deal. 

Let me know if you would like to connect and find out more about what I am trying to build and how I could help you.



I have purchased my first list and I am starting my yellow letter campaign this week. I created my list after listening to several of the podcasts on BP that dealt with marketing and wholesaling.

 If you want to partner with me on a deal let me know. 

Mainly wholesale, but I'm looking at a rehab right now too.

Hi Nick,

How are things going in Salem? I'm new to BP and have been scouting Salem to build a duplex or two. I currently work out of Portland and am finally pursuing my goal of developing land. Im working on putting some JV packages together and maybe we could help each other out.

It costs more to build multi family's than to buy.... I'm in the Salem area. I can help you if you would like

@Andrew Pearson I think there is potential for both buying and developing multi-unit properties in Salem. I've got my eye on a corner lot in Salem that has a house that would need to be scraped. Let me know if you'd like to meet up sometime. 

Keep me in your prayers tonight and tomorrow. I have received 3 responses from my direct mail marketing efforts, and I am going to look at a house tomorrow. House has good equity and appears to be in good to great shape, may actually be a wholetail deal. 

Well, I didn't get a contract signed, but it didn't go into the trash either. The house/owner is exactly what I was hoping to target with my direct mail campaign. Owner is sitting on a pile of cash, and is frustrated with making 4$/month on the interest he's getting. So I told him about what he could make by helping people like me fund deals. So if I don't get the contract, I may have landed a private money lender. So I'll take it. 

The new year is hear..I kicked it off by sending out another round of yellow letters. Looking forward to a great 2017!

I received 5 calls and 1 txt in response to my latest round of yellow letters. I am going to two look at a 2 acre property in the next couple of days that looks really promising. 2 of my call backs were from realtors that received one of my yellow letters. One was really helpful and supportive the other one hung up on me. 

Awesome man are you going to just flip or buy and hold? I have multiple properties around Salem im always looking for a good whole seller to send me a good deal I mainly look for multi family tho

@Chadwick Martin I'm interested in anything I can make work...wholesale, fix/flip, buy/hold...I have three deals in the hopper right now, and I'll need to figure out which ones I'll wholesale and which ones I'll flip. 

I would love to see what deals you come up with. We've been developing in Corvallis but I'm always nervous that market will dry up.

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Hey Nick, it sounds like you've had pretty good success so far. I've heard the key to direct mail is consistency so keep it up... I'm going to be moving back to the area in August and would love to connect and see how things are going for you.

Hey @Nick Sotelo just curious how many people did you mail to on your first yellow letter campaign ?

I mailed 500 Yellow letters. I also mailed about 100 more using leads I found from driving for dollars and from the city list of homes in trouble with code enforcement. 

I have another deal in the works...

Owner is stuck financially and needs out. 

My plan is to do a JV with him where he is the contractor (he's a skilled carpenter) and I bring the money to bring the property to its full potential.

I was able to secure a significant amount of private money for this deal. 

I am planning on cashing out 30k after the selling the property. Owner is looking at 105k in profit. 

I'll keep you posted on how this materializes for me. 

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Those numbers you are getting back from your yellow letter campaign are great. Way to go!!!! Please add me to your buyers list. I look for Buy and hold SF up to SMF properties where I can Add equity to the property doing repairs and upgrades before its rented.

Best of Luck,


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