Guideline MF Cap Rates for Kensington, Uni City and Olney

2 Replies | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania


I'm just getting started in the multifamily real estate investing scene in Philly.  I was curious of what educated and experienced investors felt were baseline Cap Rates in Olney, University City, Francisville and Kensington.  If you  believe there is a range I'd love to hear your thoughts on what dictates or influences Cap Rates the most right now.  Thank you so much!

I am wondering why you put Olney up there with those other areas. You picked areas that are on the edge of getting gentrified, and some already gentrified, but I don't think Olney fits that criteria. 

I keep tabs on Olney, despite the fact I cant tell you what cap rate Olney gives. I don't own anything there, but I almost bought a couple SFH there.

I'm trying to understand how the possibility of gentrification influences Cap Rates in Philly if that makes sense.  So I was curious of how much fluctuation to expect to see which is why I picked areas that range