How ro flup houses with no money.

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Find a deal "A hint purchase for 50% of ARV" that is what many cash investors look for when choosing a partner. If you find this type of investment and he has cash.... tell him you need the purchase and closing cost paid by him. As well as the rehab cost and things like utility and "other cost" just spend a few minutes and think about it. Some knowledge of homes selling for top dollar in the area close by would be helpful.

When the deal is sold and all cost are put on a ledger, total the numbers and confirm with your cash partner that he agrees with all expenses. Then simply slit the profits 50/50, 60/40, 30/70, or like i did on my first deal Mr. Cash gets the first $30,000 and you get the next $10,000 and then its 50/50 after that.  be creative and you will win,  the last example was how I did mine first flip 4 years ago.  Check out my newest deal linked below.

My Last Flip closing in 10 day's