Starting Out, Need Some Pointers

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Hello everyone,

I am trying to learn more about real estate investing in the Philadelphia area and was wondering if anyone could recommend any good real estate groups/events in the area. Since I am just starting out, I am looking to learn as much as possible from others who have experience. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. 

Hi @Joe Connors

Welcome to BP!

Two Organizations if you are buying in Philadelphia that a must join;

Diversified Investors Group (This REIA is connected to the Greater Philadelphia Market and has 5 Sub Group Meetings in Philadelphia Alone)

HAPCO - Philadelphia's Landlord Association Advocate - Landlord Eviction Program, Education and Sourcing where to go and how to do in Philadelphia Landlording.

CDC's,  RCO's & or Neighborhood Associations - It is no longer by Zip Code sourcing deals in Philadelphia anymore it is by neighborhood designation. (Check our for top 55 neighborhoods to review)

Let me know if you have any questions.


Joe Scorese