Philadelphia Contractors for Full Gut Rehab

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I am looking for Philadelphia Contractors for Full Gut Rehab. Can you please provide recommendations? 

Thank you!


Were you still looking for contractors? Finding them on Philly BP is tough from what I've seen so far, but not impossible. I ended up finding one via Craigslist and another through a list of recommended contractors from my previous realtor. I had to call one by one off a list of 40+ and I ended up finding a great GC who I will try to keep him busy as much as possible in the future. 

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I am looking for Philadelphia Contractors for Full Gut Rehab. Can you please provide recommendations? 

Thank you!

 Hey Anna, If you're looking for contractors, I know a few quality choices that are licensed/insured and can provide pictures of previous jobs they have done. Send me a message and we can talk more about what you're looking for!

I've used brother Rick & Tom Vandzura with Construx. They were great. They worked on a South Philly row house for me a while back. I can provide contact info, if you need.

Hey @Anna L. ,

I would love to set you up with my guy, he works with a half dozen of my investors and has a team of contractors doing about 10 rehabs a month all over the city. Shoot me a message if you're still looking and I'll link you guys up!

Hello @Anna L. ,

I have a whole crew of guys from Northeast Philadelphia area currently finishing work for me in a rental. Would love to set you up with them, as they are new to Philadelphia and are still relying on out of state clients.

Feel free to private message me

I am a fully licensed and insured master electrician working in the Philadelphia/ Greater Philadelphia area. I could provide you with a list of contractors depending upon your budget and level of finish you are looking for. Feel free to reach out.

Took me 2 years to find the right teams to work with. Now I have a wonderful, trustworthy, professional team that has been doing 2-3 projects at a time for me. I am slowing down my pace and they need more work. Anyone looking for a team that knows how to rehab Philly homes, PM me! 

Hi all,

Refreshing this topic. I am looking for a GC for a duplex in Cobbs Creek in West Philly. I am planning on visiting the property this weekend and hoping to have a GC provide me with the scope of work and rehab estimate for the property. 



Hey investors, I've been in the forum a while and realize that there are a lot of questions about finding a contractor. I always give them advice to post on craigslist and you'll be surprised how many phone calls from contractors to you! Best of luck

Thanks for the input. It’s surprising that CL is a resource and not here since Philly is a major city. I would think CL contractors would not be as reputable but I will give it a try and see what we get. 

@CJ Koch love the concept of the site!

Having used sites like Thumbtack, I’ve found that they get middle-of-the-barrel contractors. They are good in that they at least call back and show up, but there work is average at best. For moving stuff or simple tasks, it’s good, but more complicated items, it isn’t great since they don’t have the expertise.

What makes directsubs better?

Thanks Mike, I appreciate that and great question. The main thing that sets DirectSubs apart from say Thumbtack, Craigslist or Home Advisor etc is that it was specifically created for R/E Investors and the Contractors who typically work with R/E Investors. Also, it's currently 100% free for all users and makes connections based on common sense parameters like location, trade & availability. Just another useful tool that comes in handy from time to time for everyone in the business.

Thanks again for asking.