Getting NJ License in addition to PA

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Just passed my state (PA) and national salesperson tests last week, still waiting to be officially licensed as my application moves through the state commission.
I'm Interested in getting licensed in NJ as well. Any agents who are licensed in both states remember what course they took get the additional 15 hours of coursework in for the NJ license? Prefer online, open to in-person. Any help is appreciated, thank you!

Jeremy Fisher

@Jeremy Fisher congratulations on passing your test. I think thats a great idea to be licensed in both states. Seek out a local real estate firm in NJ and they will be happy to guide you in the right direction.

@Alex Deacon  Thank you! that's a good idea. Think I'll reach out to a few today.

@Sam Flannery  Thank you! I went with On Course Learning (online program). I actually need to take a course approved by the PA commission, but it only needs to be 15 hours. Seems like there are a few companies that host 2-day in-person classes which would satisfy the requirement, but they cost more than my 60-hour course. Looking for a better alternative if it exists.