Is Strawberry Mansion Worth Investing In?

1 Reply | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hey BP Philly,

I wanted to get some feedback on investors opinions of the Strawberry Mansion area. I have seen a few people buying rentals based off of the fact that development in Brewerytown may eventually push over the boundary and work it's way into the 19132. Would you personally invest in the Strawberry Mansion area? Are you guys sold on the area yet? Do you think development will push into the area? If so, when? Thanks for the feedback, I always love hearing all of your opinions. 

Hey Joe,

I think that Strawberry Mansion is good for investing if you want to buy/hold and rent out to section 8 tenants. A few of my investors are currently cash flowing out there with the help of the Government and they hope that as the 19121 boom expands, Strawberry Mansion will begin to appreciate. I definitely wouldn't recommend flipping out there as it's not a desirable location yet. It's a risk, don't get me wrong, but that's the name of the real estate investment game!