Point Breeze vs Brewerytown (Appreciation/ Cash Flow)

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Hey guys, I've recently looked at both Point Breeze and Brewrytown homes for a long-term hold/ cashflow property. I've recently started to lean more towards Brewerytown since the size of homes for the price seems to be a better deal then what's available in Point Breeze. I would like to live in the home for 5+ years then move in tenants and begin cash flowing. What're your opinions when it comes to these two neighborhoods and why?

I would recommend Brewerytown for the time being, although Point Breeze has shown unreal numbers there is an overwhelming amount of actives right now. As of right now I think that Brewerytown is the safer investment because of the development plans throughout the neighborhood and consistently rising numbers. 

Here is some more info on the development out there - 




 I live in Brewerytown and it certainly is possible to cash flow but you are buying at the height of the market which means it's going to be difficult to cash flow unless you get a really good deal but the same goes in any neighborhood right now including point breeze which I think is ridiculously expensive for what it is given that they do not have a good retail corridor. As a wholesaler there are sellers in every neighborhood that think their property is worth a million dollars, I would recommend handwriting letters or going door-to-door and talking to people and building rapport in relationships which may take time but is also probably the best way to find a good deal because you'll know about properties that people are interested in selling that are not going to be on your traditional list from the source or text delinquent or any other lists. I would also recommend driving for dollars. 

If I could do it all over again five years ago when I moved to Brewerytown I would find a multi-unit like three or four units and live in one of the units and rent the other units out which would allow you to pay off your mortgage and cash flow pretty quickly. I would actually try to get a property on 33rd Street which is just above brewerytown but is all zoned quad flexes.