Philadelphia 3rd Story Addition Contractors

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Hey BP community. I'm looking to find a general contractor to take on a 3rd story addition, roof deck, and other interior remodel work. Called a few contractors from the BP find a contractor tool but haven't gotten many responses. The property is a corner property and next door has already built up a 3rd story. I spoke to a few people who said because its a corner property, by right I can go up and I dont have to worry about the 8 foot setback. The addition will be about 600 -700 square feet. Any direction helps. 

Thank you!

Hi @Shawn Ryan   

I would recommend looking into who pulled the permit for the neighbor's addition and contact that contractor.

You can look up L&I records on the city's Atlas website here: 

You could do this for other properties in the neighborhood as well that have 3rd story additions.

You could also walk around the area and look for permits in windows and call those contractors.

Hey Shawn, you should totally check out "3rd Story Philly". When I have time I try do work for the owner by placing door hangers around Philadelphia neighborhoods that would possibly consider investing in an addition to their home. Definitely google the name to find their website and give them a call.

@Michael Campbell that's great advice. Definitely going to look up a few through records. 

@Chris Ascencio I actually spoke to them and they seem legit. But looking to get a few estimates. Thanks