Buying investment properties in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania

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I am looking for some advise from the bigger pocket community. I saw two row houses  in Upper Darby, PA which are close to the school. It’s 3 bedroom and 1 bathroom. 

What are your thoughts on purchasing in the area? 

The price is around $85k and rents are around $1200. 

I will appreciate any advise.

Thank you.

I don't know the specific neighborhoods un Upper Darby well.  I would just drive or walk around the neighborhood and make sure you feel comfortable with the area to invest there.  Also be sure the comps you are looking at are in the same neighborhood.  Because I know there are good and bad pockets of Upper Darby.

Upper Darby has its blue collar areas and not so blue collar areas.

I don't think the area is ripe for major appreciation any time soon. If you're closer to the Springfield/Havertown part of Upper Darby, you might see some appreciation. To the southeast you are closer to Darby/West Philly, which has its tough areas.

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