Agentpro247 v DataTree v ListSource in Pennsylvania

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Hey guys,

Does anyone have any experience with these in South East Pennsylvania? Any recommendations? 

@Amy Aziz

Thanks for the response. I was planning on using one of these programs to identify possible tax delinquent properties. Most of these programs doesn’t provide phone numbers or emails. Do you phone trace that information yourself? Or do you not bother trying to acquire that information.

@Sean S. I send offer letters in the mail leaving my information. So they call me, email me or mail me if they are interested. I learned this process from 

@Sean S. In addition to the online groups you mentioned, you can also work with a list broker for suggetions and possibly get lists that everyone else doesn't have.

Some list brokers can also run a separate process once a list has been downloaded to add phone numbers and email addresses where available. One good thing here is that you don't have to buy the list from them.

@Sean S. What you would want to look for after building a list. Is a Batch Skip tracing service.

There are many out there. PM me, I’ll give you the info to the one i like, it’s more pricey.. but much more quality info.