Adding Parking to New Construction Row House

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Does anyone know what the general process is to get approval for adding garage parking to a new construction rowhome? The property in question is on a single lane street without on-street parking, virtually all neighbors have garage parking, and no street trees will be impacted. It seems like I'd be approved for parking if I went through the process, but I can't wait 4-6 months to get a variance granted prior to starting construction. Does anyone know if I could start construction before getting the variance...and then if for whatever reason parking isn't approved, I'd convert the space? Or would L&I not approve the plans with them showing parking? It seems like I would definitely get approved for parking, but again, I wouldn't do this project with a 4-6 month wait. Any info on the process for parking approval would be helpful - thanks!

It depends on the zoning classification for the address, but assuming it's zoned RSA-5 for Single Family, off-street parking for new construction is not allowed without a zoning variance. If you submit building plans to L&I that include off-street parking, it will kick off a "refusal" and you'll be required to pursue a zoning variance and approval from the local RCO (neighborhood zoning committee) and ultimately the ZBA.