Construction Consultant in Philadelphia?

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Is there such a job as a construction consultant?  I am trying to rehab a house through subcontractors, and I think they are trying to take advantage of me.  The estimates are all very vague and every time I try to get specific information on what is to be done, i get the impression that they feel I am wasting their's like pulling teeth.  It's a challenge to even compare the estimates I get because they are all so different and I want to compare apples to apples.

I'd like to hire a third party (neutral party) to come in and give me a workflow punchlist type thing...with the order things need to be done and approximate fair price.  I can pay them for the day I suppose, to look at the property, give me some advice, and a punchlist type thing....maybe a retired contractor who has no vested interest.  I really feel like I'm being taken advantage of by contractors!  

@Alyse Oz I agree with Irfan...if dealing with the sub quoting process hasn't gone well so far, imagine what it'll be like when they're actually doing the work. Will they do what you want, will they get the right permits, will they show up on time, etc. It's a lot to keep track of, and if you're already frustrated, I would go the full GC route and just write the checks. The pricing won't be as high as you think if you find a good GC. The margin on GCs is typically like 20%, but they're often using subs that you wouldn't be able to find or get access to and their sub prices will likely be better than subs you're finding online. 

@Alyse Oz if your project budget is at least $100k, you can contact Vincent Edward @ TCG Project management. They have a comprehensive solution for rehabbers and developers that need project management services. It might be worth checking out. Good luck!