Contractors in the Philadelphia/ Montgomery County PA

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Hi guys, 

I am working on a 203k loan and need to get a solid itemized quote. If you have rehab experience and any recommendations for contractors in the Philadelphia/ Montgomery county area, please share. 

Hi Dominic, when it comes to finding contractors I have a couple good avenues that have helped in the past. As you probably know, you always want to make sure you vet them heavily, as a contractor can be the difference between a successful investment or a failed one. One of my favorite ways is to find contractors is through Craigslist. I have found many high quality investors on that site, and it's fairly easy. Another good avenue are the local real estate groups on Facebook. That's where contractors will reach out to you, and other investors may even recommend quality contractors the have used in the past. Once again, make sure you do your due diligence. Ask if they are licensed and insured, past referrals, how big their team is, and other important questions that pertain to your project.

I agree with @Brendan McAllister . You must vet the contractors and continue to vet them and check prices every so often. I've been doing this about 15-16 years and I've seen time and time again, good contractors will grow their business and either start hiring a bunch of people to keep up with demand (so quality often goes down) and/or they increase their prices due to the damage and they are no longer competitive on an investor level for you to continue to do work with them at "market rate". 

Best of luck!