Wet Bar Cost - Philadelphia

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Looking to install a small wet bar on the top level of one of my rentals in Philadelphia. Looking to see the average expected cost of the project (e.g. small fridge, counter, plumbing, and possibly a wine rack). 

Seeing costs all over the place online ($1000 - $22,000). Has anyone installed a small wet bar recently and has a concrete price I can use when negotiating with my contractor? 


Your best bet is probably to get a few different bids, or if you have a trusted contractor to ask him to break out the different components into different line items so you can see what items make up the total -- even asking for a labor-only price could make sense too.

That scope of work can be so different that a range of $1K - $22K may indeed be accurate. If you're buying cheap used appliances, and tapping into an existing water supply (say from a bathroom directly next to the proposed location), and just putting in a stock or second-hand sink base cabinet and a formica counter top, and having a handyman do the work unpermitted, then it's plausible you could end up somewhere close to $1K. If there's extensive plumbing work needed, and you're pulling permits and using different trades for plumbing and electrical and carpentry, and installing high-end cabinets and a custom counter top and top quality appliances, then spending $22K is conceivable as well. If someone quotes you an average price and they doesn't know the details of your scope of work and expectations and your situation, then it's not likely to be a productive conversation with your contractor.