Philadelphia REIA Groups?

4 Replies | Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Hey @Keyla Jimenez DIG is one of the bigger ones in SE PA. Their meetups are usually virtual for the last year or so but some of the subgroups meet in person. 

Talk to @Jonathan Greene about his meetup- which is also virtual if I remember correctly. 

There is a Facebook group for the Philadelphia Real Estate Investors group and I believe they have been having some in person meetups lately. 

I will second the DIG recommendation from @Rich O'Neill .

If you are going into the City of Philadelphia, I recommend that you look into HAPCO.

If you are going into south NJ, there is SJREIA for investors there.

There are a multitude of meetups in the area that you can find on; you do have to look closely into the hosts / sponsors of many of them because some just have shady dealings in their background, from convictions for mortgage fraud, to being foreclosed upon by a family member due to not repaying a loan the family member gave.

We have a Philly REI Zoom every THU at 8 pm. You can find it in the Events under Zen and the Art of Real Estate Investing - Philly. It goes up on Sundays in Events here. It's not a paid REIA and does not have any pitches. It's just investors working together and talking. We have about 12 deals going in Philly now.