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Alright, I'm really interested in Pittsburgh and planning to cash purchase 8-10 properties there in the near future.  I'm looking for cash flow in particular and Pitt appears to have it.  However, not being on the ground, I'm having trouble honing in on an area/property type of focus.  Quality SFHs in above average to good school districts with average to low crime have served me well in the past.... what spots might I look at for that?  Public transport access would also be a must.  I'm also considering downtown multis, but wondering about tenant turnover/vacancy rates in, say, a threeplex in the Strip District. 

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Hey guys,

I just came across this forum on BP.  Let's get it going Pittsburgh" style.


 We're going to put fries and coleslaw on the forum?  Cool!

I currently live and work 50 miles south of Pittsburgh, near Uniontown.  I went to elementary school in Moon, middle and high school in Wexford, and lived in and around Pittsburgh nearly my whole life.

My brothers in law and I have just started flipping houses, with us closing on the purchase of our first project 3 days ago.  Our target area is as far north as I-70, as far south as Morgantown. 

I look forward to discussing real estate with you all, and perhaps a few of us will have occasions to work with one another.

@Brent M.

Areas North of the city have the easiest commute into the city via car from any direction.  Those areas with good school districts and decent (we don't have too much GOOD public transportation in good neighborhoods) would include the following school districts:  North Hills, Hampton, and Shaler.  

The South Hills has the best of the public transportation, as the "T" runs from the city through the south.  Low crime/good school districts in this area include: Baldwin, West Mifflin, and Thomas Jefferson.

I don't have as much knowledge of the west and east, other than the airport is west of the city, so public transportation is decent through that area, and Moon is a good school district but the housing prices are too high, IMO.

When looking at Pittsburgh, you should consider neighborhoods that are undergoing economic revitalization. I started looking at Pittsburgh about six years ago and considered buying a couple properties in East Liberty. I didn't get them. During that six years, East Liberty has become the hottest neighborhood in town. Other neighborhoods are undergoing the same transformation. I have commercial properties that I am developing in Homestead. Investors are buying the commercial buildings very rapidly and the prices of commercial RE in Homestead have nearly doubled in the past year. This year, 13 new businesses have opened or are slated to open by the end of the year. I am not necessarily pushing you invest in Homestead, but am trying to emphasize that there are pretty good opportunities in neighborhoods that are undergoing an economic revitalization--there are more than in most cities. Do your homework, though. Several Pittsburgh communities are not going to recover for another 10-20 years, if at all.

Hi all, I'm a local real estate agent with Keller Williams Realty, servicing most parts of Pittsburgh and most of the South Hills area.  

I bought a house in Homestead about 5 months ago and grew up minutes from there in West Mifflin and seeing the transformation on 8th ave in the commercial district is amazing. 

 My grandfather used to work in the steel mill where the sprawling waterfront shopping center is now.  He's a big reason I chose to live in and really came to love homestead.  He helped build America here.  The history that i walk around on everyday is just amazing and it must be remembered and not gone to waste.  After the steel mill hunkies vacated it turned to a steady decline.  Now we have hit revitilization and in my estimation are in the beginning stages of growth. 

I think it's my duty to continue to develop and help this area in whatever way I can. 

There are some really affordable areas that seem to be improving drastically, I'd love to chat with anyone looking to invest in Pittsburgh. 

I also have a few off market properties that I have access to that might be nice starter investments. 

Hey guys!  

I'm somewhat new to BP and live in Beaver County.   Looking to invest in Beaver and Lawrence counties and wanted to put my name out there to connect with other folks!  I'm very interested in partnering with a good property manager.  

Just have to add that I'm a huge Penguins fan and can't wait for this season to start!