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Hi BP,

I currently live in California and invest in Pittsburgh - we have nearly 60 units in the Pittsburgh area.  Currently, we use a property manager (and subsequently their merchant bank account) to manage our finances, which gets deposited into our Bank of America account.

I'm thinking of setting up a local business checking account, but of course, the major banks that we have out here in California (namely BofA, Chase, etc) have no presence in Pittsburgh.

Does anyone have any good recommendations for a local Pittsburgh business checking account?  I saw PNC, but they limit the amount of money you can deposit before they start charging fees (WTF?!?).  I looked at SSB and First Commonwealth, but again, the fees seem to be very ticky-tack.

My current BofA account has no fees for anything if we keep a certain balance.  The Pittsburgh banks I've looked at will not charge a monthly maintenance fee, but will continue to charge the other fees.

Anyone happy with their bank?  Just a note - between despoits, bills, etc we average about 150 transactions a month, but starting to grow.


We've had good luck w/ PNC and they are definitely one of the biggest players in town - maybe the single biggest player.

Check their webpage on the small business side. Pretty sure they have tiered accounts - e.g. greater minimum balance = greater number of transactions w/o fee.

Other local banks probably have similar deals - but got to look at business plans & not personal account plans.

Nice part of local account is tenants can deposit right at the bank with some basic info from you.

@Nik Divakaruni

I second PNC bank. I use them and I have different accounts. 

Also, PNC bank does have tiered accounts as @Jay Belcher mentioned. If you'd like I can give you my contact at PNC in a direct message, but realistically any branch should be able to help you.


Tony Angotti

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