Mon Valley Property Management

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Anyone know of a quality property management company servicing the Mon Valley area(Belle Vernon, Monongahela, Charleroi, ETC)? I am looking to expand and trying to find recommendations from those with experience.

Thanks in advance!

Have you contacted any PMs in the Pittsburgh area?  I'm sure there have to be some based in the South Hills area.

I have a 5 unit building in Charleroi. Professional property management in the Valley is hard to find. The larger management companies located around Pittsburgh won’t go that far south. 

@Ian Hoover may have a contact for a property manager in that area. He has some investments out that way.

@Alex Deacon I had called MACE yesterday and it was mentioned that the Mon Valley wasn’t in the area of coverage. 

I know there are some portfolios out there that are being managed 3rd party I just haven’t found any advertisements for management in this area. I’ll have to reach out to more investors in the Mon Valley. 

Ian Hoover may be able to help. he is my partner in my real estate sales brokerage and he has a lot more knowledge of that area then I do. Good Luck

@Cody Wilson I own about 20 units down in the Mon Valley area and we were not impressed with the management companies we found in the area, for now we are going to hire an in house person to manage our units but in the near future we might have the ability to help folks in this area. Keep in touch 

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