Looking into the city of Youngstown

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Hi all,

We have already begun our investing adventure in our home city of Pittsburgh, PA.  When telling a banking buddy of mine all about our goals today he mentioned that where he was living now, just outside of Youngstown, OH is a slowly emerging market that he feels may turn soon but the prices are still rock bottom.  A zillow search today pretty much confirm that last part.  Has anyone ever looked into the area, is it worth the drive to scout some of these properties?  What are the good and bad neighbors?  What are the drawbacks? Is this a veritable war zone?  Any info or tagging agents/investors/contractors in that area would be much appreciated.


I'm from the Youngstown area and can say that it's not a place you want to invest in unless you physically visit and get to know the area. Property values can vary insanely just two streets away, and so can rent rates, too. Two streets can make the difference between the verifiable dangerous part of town that you'll be lucky to get $400 for and a nice(r), safe(r) neighborhood that you'll see $550-$650. It's an interesting place, no doubt, haha.